4/13/21 Changelog

New Features:

  • Users Now Have the Ability to Add/Edit/Delete and Save Reference Lines to a Loadout




  • Improved Schedule Load Time When Loading Large Schedules
  • Manual Input of Start Hours in Edit Effectivities Dialog Now Allows Numbers With 2 Decimal Places
  • End of Month Extension Now Only Applies to Day and Month Intervals
  • Only Special Characters Dash and Underscore Are Now Allowed in Aircraft, Location, and Operator Fields
  • Unique Bookmark Name Now Created After Bookmark is Restored
  • The Default "Total Labor Hours" Value for Each Added Skill in Capacity Needs in the Edit Requirement Dialog is now 100 Labor Hours
  • Metrics Dashboard Page and All Reports Pages Schedule List Now Sorts Alphabetically
  • Added Better Error Message to Let the User Know the Shift Abbreviation is Required When Adding a Shift on Manage Skills Page
  • Manage Vendors and Locations Pages Now Go Back to Full List After Filter Reset
  • Fixed Issue Where Some Events Jumped a Day When Event Was Selected to be Opened
  • Fixed Issue Where Aerros Was Allowing Tracks to be Added With the Same Name
  • Fixed Issue Where When Filtering Bookmarks, the Text Was Duplicating in the Scenario Name and Bookmark Name Columns
  • Fixed Issue in the Event Requirements Overview Report Where the Operator Column Did Not Filter Correctly
  • Fixed Issue Where the Edit Requirement Button Was Not Working After Importing Requirements
  • Fixed Issue Where the Event Capacity Page Was Not Switching to Correct Cluster
  • Fixed Various Validation Issues When Importing Requirements
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