5/11/21 Changelog


  • Fixed Issue Where the Edit Event/Summary Tab Times Were Changing When Updating Actual Status and Before Refresh
  • Fixed Issue Where the Maintenance Allocations Report Column Headers Were Misaligned When Comparing Schedules
  • Fixed Issue Where the Event Lifecycle Report Vertical Scrollbar Wasn't Always Working Properly
  • Fixed Issue Where the Events Were Sometimes Overlapping the Track Names When Moving an Event to the Left on the Schedule
  • Fixed Issue Where the Aircraft Timeline Drop Zone Displayed White When Should Have Been Red (indicating overdue)
  • Fixed Issue Where the Horizontal Scrollbar on the Schedule Was Not Consistently Visible
  • Fixed Issue Where Tracks Were Going Blank at Top of Schedule When Scrolling Down the Schedule
  • Fixed Issue Where Adding a Track With Same Name as a Deleted Track Was Failing
  • Fixed Issue Where Vendor Name Uniqueness Was Not Enforced When Adding a New Vendor
  • Improved the Error Message When Trying to Add a Track That Was Already Set to Another Vendor
  • Improved the Error Message When Creating Vendor Holiday With Same Date as an Existing Holiday
  • Improved the Error Message When Creating New Requirement and Initial Hours/Cycles/Days/Months Values are Cleared Before Saving
  • Improved Detection of Browser Misconfiguration Issues
  • Users are Now Restricted From Deleting Requirements That Are Being Used in a Capacity Template
  • Users are Now Restricted From Changing a Requirement to "Not Heavy" If It Is In a Repeating/Cycling Group
  • Yield Target/Min/Max Values Now Are Populated With Default Values if No Yield Values Added
     When Creating New Requirement
  • Removed Skill Columns if They Are Not a Part of Skills Filter in "By Skill Crosstab" View for Required and Remaining Capacity Reports
  • Capacity Templates are Now Required to Have Unique Names
  • Removed "Parts" Section From the Manage Compliance Event Dialog
  • Schedule Loading Spinner Now Displayed Until Calendar is Fully Initialized
  • Various Calendar Performance Improvements
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