How to Make a Zendesk Account

In order to have access to Aerostrat's support platform (documentation articles, requests for support, etc.), Zendesk, users will need to make an account.

To begin the process, click the following link:  Zendesk

When the Aerostrat Zendesk page opens, click "SIGN IN" located in the upper right of the page.


When the "Sign in to Aerostrat" window opens, click "Sign up".

Note:  If you have communicated with our support staff through email previously, you are already registered, but just don't have a password.  In that case, click "Get a password" and a link to set a password will sent to your company email address.


When the "Sign up to Aerostrat" window opens, enter your full name and your company email address, then click "Sign up".


Once the form is submitted, you will receive a verification email with a link to create a password in order to access Zendesk.

Once signed in successfully, you will have access to the following:

Schedule Support:  Click mceclip0.png  to set up a meeting with Aerostrat support.

Submit a Request:  Click  mceclip1.png  to submit a request ticket (bug, feature request, etc.).

Aerostrat Website:  Click mceclip2.png to go to the official Aerostrat website.

Aerros:  Click the "Aerros" button to go to the library of documentation articles.

Support Model:  Click the "Support Model" button to view details of Aerostrat's support model.

Training:  Click the "Training" button to view training opportunities.

Reporting:  Click the "Reporting" button to view information on all the tables in the reporting database.

There is also a Search (under "How can we help?") function that will allow you to enter keywords in order to get to a specific place in the site.



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