Minimum & Recommended Specifications

Aerostrat officially supports the use of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (chromium) with its products.  All minimum specifications are based on the minimum browser hardware specification.  

Requirement Recommended Minimum
Operating System Windows 10/macOS 11 Windows 8.1/Mac OS X 10.14

Chrome 89.X.X.X or Later

Firefox 86.X or Later

Edge (Chromium) 88 or later

Chrome 74.X.X.X or Later

Firefox 68.X or Later

Edge (Chromium) 86 or later

Browser Hardware Acceleration



Browser Cookies Settings

Aerostrat Whitelisted/Third Party Allowed

Aerostrat Whitelisted/Third Party Allowed

CPU Quad-core X86 SSE2 capable processor

Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2

Memory 8 GB 2 GB
Free Disk Space 1 GB 200 MB
Display Resolution 1920 X 1080 1024 X 768
Network Connection 1 mb/s 256 kb/s

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