Ensuring customer satisfaction with the Aerostrat platform is a primary concern of our organization, and the existence of a strong Support Model is the key to success. In this document we've outlined the major aspects of the Aerostrat Support Model, ranging from a high level overview of our approach to detailed aspects about our support ticketing processes. At Aerostrat we continue to strive for success in regards to customer satisfaction, and we hold ourselves accountable by having clear measurable success criteria based on established Service Level Agreements (SLA's) and qualitative input from our customers. Our approach to solving open support issues ensures that existing usage is not negatively affected, and that overall quality of the platform remains high even with rapid development on new features and services. To ensure transparency, we have created and exposed multiple mechanisms for customers to contact Aerostrat employees of all levels. We truly value all aspects of customer feedback, and rely on that feedback to make our platform stronger. In addition to utilizing this feedback to grow the platform, we also are striving to improve our support model based on outcomes. Our customers are truly our partners in this goal. At Aerostrat, we look forward to working with you to ensure that you are both fully satisfied with the platform, as well as our support processes.