Enable Hardware Acceleration / Override Software Rendering

There are times when a user is able to log in to Aerros and the schedule loads, but events or other graphics can't be seen, or just the event bar details are shown.  This article will detail the steps needed to enable hardware acceleration in order for Aerros to load and function properly.

Enable Hardware Acceleration (Chrome browser):

  • Open Chrome, top right, click More  mceclip1.png , then Settings.


  • Click "Advanced Settings" on the left of the page menu, then "System"


  • Ensure "Use hardware acceleration when available" is toggled on


Restart Chrome, then attempt to log back in.

Override Software Rendering List (Chrome browser):

If the hardware acceleration setting is toggled on and the issue (schedule doesn't fully load) is still present, the "Override software rendering list" setting may need to be enabled.

  • Copy and paste in URL bar:  chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist


  • Ensure "Override software rendering list" setting is "Enabled".


Click "Relaunch", restart Chrome, then attempt to log back in.


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