Disable Extensions

There are times when a user is able to log in to Aerros, but gets a looping sign-in screen, or a blank page.  This article will detail the steps needed to disable/remove extensions (adblock and others) in order for Aerros to load and function properly.

Note:  Steps to disable extension(s) may vary depending on the browser and extension used.  Contact your company IT or an Aerostrat representative if further assistance is required.  Also, this issue may be more prevalent if logging into Aerros using company VPN.

Disable/Remove Extension (Chrome browser):

  • Open Chrome, top right, click More  mceclip1.png , then Settings.


  • Click "Extensions" on the left of the page menu.


  • Ensure extension is toggled off, or click "Remove" in order to remove extension.


  • You can also add an extension exception (or whitelist the URL) for the company Aerros environment URL.  This process varies by type of extension used.




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